Au Pair Agreement Template

We recommend that holders of work and travel visas download the official European au pair contract and modify them to suit their needs. All au pairs who go to Belgium should sign one of the official Belgian au pair contracts with their host families. Please download the form based on the region in which your host family lives: For au pairs who need a visa, we recommend using the documents in German to avoid any problems in the embassy. The au pair EU only needs an au pair contract. Au pairs from third countries need an au pair contract and a letter of invitation: In Switzerland, au pair contracts fulfil normal contracts for domestic workers. Since these standard contracts differ from canton to canton, there is not a single official au pair contract for the whole of Switzerland. We advise you to go to the swiss migration and employment centre to obtain the valid form in your canton. In the Netherlands, the au pair stay is a programme of cultural exchanges. It must be confirmed by an au pair agency, officially recognised by the Dutch Immigration Office (IND). Please contact your agency to obtain the standard contract. Here`s a list of things to clarify in your au pair contract: I hope this has been helpful for anyone starting an au pair year and I promise that if you settle these things in advance, it will save you a lot of problems later! Unfortunately, there is no official au pair contract for Australia.

Therefore, we recommend that you download the official European au pair contract and modify it to suit your needs. If the au pair is to be considered a worker, it would be preferable to use an employment contract to more clearly define the relationship between employer and worker. Finally, the au pair may wish if they are entitled to free medical treatment in the UK and whether health insurance will be required accordingly. In all circumstances, the au pair should consider whether they are required to pay national insurance and income tax. For more information, visit the website. As a general rule, an au pair is unlikely to be considered a worker or an employee if most of the following persons apply: both the au pair and the host family must sign the au pair contract. This is necessary for the legal residence of an au pair in Luxembourg. You can download a copy of the contract from the institutional site regarding the au pair stay. The official European aupair contract in Italian (translation of the English Treaty) au pair and the host families sign the official contract for au pairs in Norway. Au pairs from third countries need this contract when applying for their residence and work permits. Au pairs from EU countries need to register with local police in Norway.

In addition to the contract, au pairs outside the EU need a letter of invitation from their host families. In Spain, the Directorate General of the Police issues the letter of invitation. As a result, host families must apply for the form from their local police department.