Envato License Agreement

If you transfer a final product to a customer, you do so by sub-licensing these license rights in each item within that final product. The sub-licence can only be granted on the condition that the use of the article is limited to the use necessary for the use of the final product, so that the article cannot be extracted, reproduced or otherwise used (the limited sublicensing). You must inform your client of this condition. For musical items, the rights granted under this license are subject to the following restrictions: Policies and add-ons fall under the “Tools” category. If other tools are added to Envato Elements, it is possible to add specific licensing terms to these tools, such as the terms currently applicable to fonts and add-ons. Do I have to rewrite fonts or addons every time I use them in a project? No, you don`t need to re-license fonts or addons for each project. You only have to save them once for installation on your device. If you save a font or addon on another computer, you must issue a new license for that installation. For P.R.O.

Music, public representation rights are not included in this license. See below for more details. The main difference between these licenses is that your end product (with the item you purchased) is distributed for free under the normal license, while your final product can be sold under extended license or otherwise limited to paying customers. We include some special applications of this rule below. You have the right to use the article in one of the following ways (Authorized Use) in a single application (a single product or project): Non-P.R.O. Music. If the non-P.R.O. article Is it music, it means that it is not recorded at the performing rights organizations (P.R.O.s). Non-P.R.O.

music is not usually subject to additional fees, but it is your responsibility as a buyer to pay all the enforcement fees that may apply in your country depending on the rules of your P.R.O., your local laws and your use of the article. P.R.O. Music. If the article is P.R.O. Music, it means that the author of the article is a member of a P.R.O. and/or that the item is registered with a P.R.O. If you intend to use the P.R.O. Music in a final product that is listed or broadcast in public, you may need to obtain additional representation rights from a P.R.O. and be subject to an additional fee collected by a P.R.O. Nothing in this license acts as a waiver of P.R.O. Can I continue to use Elements of Envato Elements in the project for which they were licensed when my subscription expired? 18.This license can be terminated if you violate it.

In this case, you should stop creating or distributing the final product until you remove the item. When we say “free,” we talk about whether the general public can access the final product for free. Specifically, “free” means that no part of the final product containing or relying on the licensed item requires payment for access. Example: You can validate a flyer template, include your own photos, edit the layout and print it to promote your event. If you use the editorial element, it will usually make no difference to the license you need. Choose the normal license when your final product is distributed for free and choose the extended license if your end product is sold or limited to paying customers. The original author of the article retains possession of the article. You cannot claim ownership of the article, even if they are amended in accordance with this Agreement, for example. B by content identification systems.

Example: If you use a synchronized music track in your video, you can`t claim music rights (z.B. by applying a “Content ID” or systems similar to the music in your video). Looking for a logo? Check out our graphicRiver logo, which has its own license.