Fostering Placement Agreement Meeting

At the time of placement, nurses should also receive additional information about the child`s daily needs that are not covered by the Placement Plan/Placement Information Record, but are important to ensure that caregivers are in the best possible position to help the child move into the new placement. B, for example, particular fears at night or the child`s favorite toy. The child care allowance for children under the age of 11 is currently $142 per week – of which at least $75 must be spent on the items listed below. Nurses are expected to keep records of their expenses for these positions, and this is overseen by their social workers. If the placement is proposed to an independent health care agency, the designated manager (external mediation) must authorize the placement and a written agreement must be reached with the health care agency, which specifies the precise conditions between the local authority and the agency with regard to mediation. When placing it with independent nurses who are not residents, see also Out of Area Placements Procedure. Investment agreements should be made for all new health centres, including agency internships. The decision to place a child in a long-term care facility with a particular caregiver should be discussed and recorded as part of the verification process. This decision should then be recorded in the intermediation plan and agreed upon and signed by the care company [Regulation 9, paragraph 3]. Staff and facilitators from Greater London will participate in the child/YP`s plans in a spirit of partnership with the child/YP, his or her families and localities. Nurses are expected to be as good as possible to the plans of the intermediation parties.

Other placement planning meetings should take place at agreed intervals with the residence manager or nurses and their caregivers – or, for example. B, for issues that need to be addressed as part of the day-to-day regulation of intermediation. If there is concern about the progress of placement, consideration should be given to finding additional ways to assist health care workers.