Garden Maintenance Service Agreement Sample

This service order is a one-sided Word document that provides a standard form to a company that can use it when it places an order with a supplier. A form template will also be… Anyone who operates a gardening store can use this horticulture contract. Customer signature is required on this form and on the attached form “Gardening Service Rates and Policies” before the work is completed. The client undertakes to grant City Floral and all subcontractors unlimited access to the property during business hours in order to carry out the work under this agreement. A minimum travel fee can be established if the required access is not available at the time of service. This clause defines the fundamental obligation for the company to provide the services set out in the schedule. It is the company`s responsibility to provide all equipment and materials and remove them from the site at the end of each visit. Do you want to download the agreement? Garden Maintenance Contract Download This gardening contract consists of three parts: Terms and Conditions, a calendar with specific details and a form of contract. This agreement allows a horticultural company to make the terms and conditions available separately from the type of contract when it launches a tender for the work. Once the details have been agreed, they can be set in the timetable and in the form of a unilateral contract signed by each party and attached to the terms and schedule.

Regular gardening/full service includes weeds, dead ladders, cuttings and forms of perennials, trees/shrubs, vine cutting and formation, maintenance of roses, cleaning of garden beds, watering (if necessary) and sweeping and sweeping all the randists and sidewalks. This contract is suitable for all types of gardening and related horticultural services. For example, the calendar provides for two types of garden maintenance: first, for the client who needs the seasonal planting of planting containers, window trays and vats whose power level is necessarily limited and, second, when the owner requires that the land be maintained throughout the year. In accordance with point 4.1, “additional services” are provided for the second type of gardening: z.B. removal/replacement of dead or diseased shrubs or trees. The scope of services should be detailed here: two types of gardening contracts are proposed: first, simple seasonal plantings of plant bins, window trays and planting pots; second, the more complex requirements of a client with land to maintain.