List Of Active All Small Mentor-Protege Agreements

But the SBA`s All Small Mentor Protected Program offers large companies the opportunity to deal with small businesses in which the two companies can jointly track these decommissioning contracts. The goal of the program is to encourage large businesses to work with small businesses to increase and enhance the skills of small businesses. In doing so, large companies can compete for this pool of previously inaccessible contracts. The April 5 list shows that there are approximately 90 active All Small Mentor-Protected agreements that cover a large number of major industry classifications. All the main socio-economic categories (small businesses, 8a), SDVOSB, HUBZone, EDWOSB and WOSB) are represented. Many protected people do not have detailed guidelines, procedures or business systems. A form of tutoring assistance is the creation, compilation or provision of corporate documents such as data retention policies, annual verification forms or proposal templates. Guardians can also give instructions on the most appropriate procedures or systems for the protégé. What should an internal audit process look like? What system should be used to properly document and track contract dates? Each of them and others are areas where the mentor`s experience will help a protégé avoid some of the traditional growing pains of a small business.

Analyzing these problems before submitting your application can avoid a lot of headaches on the street. We will cover further observations as the list increases. Since the opening of the protected mentor program to all small businesses, SBA has received a number of applications (it is true, although all small businesses can participate, the parties still have to apply). The SBA has published the list of companies that have entered into active ASMPP agreements. There are 90 such agreements until April 5, 2017. Some observations from this list: Money is probably the most obvious reason for mentors to participate in the program. Over the past three years, the Department of Defence has set aside more than $77 billion in contracts for small businesses. That`s $77 billion that big business can`t get unless they`re part of a mentoring agreement.