Self Certification Build Over Agreement

You can obtain automatic authorization by filing a self-certification form. If the pipes have a diameter of 150 mm or less, you may be suitable for this form. You can get these explanation forms from your local water association, but there may be an application fee. If possible, I would first like to arrange a phone call with you and relevant key people within your service development department. I believe that the ongoing developments of Infotec`s products and services are now bringing significant improvements, especially with pre-conditional and post-conditional investigations and monitoring functions that take place in hard-to-reach live broadcast situations. Our remote surveys are undoubtedly the leaders in the industry and we hope that they will prove to be increasingly beneficial for you in the years to come. In the meantime, I invite you to take a look at an example of our capabilities. If you are expanding your land or building work nearby (within 3 meters) or above a public sewer, you must now obtain the agreement of the relevant sanitation company before starting the project. The images come from the document: – Building above or near a public sewer Photo 2: Construction royalties for the processing of contracts for different classes of pipe diameter We are responsible for the protection and maintenance of sewers in our area, and it is really important to protect them for all our customers and future generations. Sewers are often found within the boundaries of private property and sometimes near buildings.

Construction work may affect these sewers and it is our responsibility to ensure that they are not damaged and that we can continue to access them for future maintenance work. These are our hidden treasures. There are two possible ways to get our permission if you want to build above or near our sewers: Figure 3: Minimum distances needed to obtain a self-certified superstructure agreement For this reason, when expanding your home, you must first determine whether or not your future development will be built (within 3 meters) of a public sewer. If so, you must obtain the agreement of the relevant sanitation company so that your project can move forward. If permission is granted, you must comply with the conditions set by your local water utility to ensure that all sewers are protected and not affected by your project. Another thing you need to pay attention to is that if you don`t get permission during your final assessment after construction, you can be held responsible for any modifications or repairs required by the water company. This could include things like installing a new canal cover or even buying new pipes. If you have a DIY project and find that the project is too close or built on top of a sanitation system, there are two ways to get permission from your local water association.

This is a self-certification statement and build on the agreement. So, answering the question, can I build by a sewer? The answer is in principle yes! But it depends on your circumstances. If your tubes have a diameter of 150 mm or less, you can obtain automatic authorization by filing a self-certification form….