Social Media Agreement For Students

You have set rules for your tween in case it is at a friend`s home, school or home, but you also need to establish clear rules about when your child is online. If you haven`t done it yet, don`t worry. But take the time to follow the instructions that your tween should follow, for whom he or she is on the Internet, or in SMS or other forms of social media. The contract below can help you set rules and behaviours for you and your tween so that healthy habits are established from the start. Be sure to change or add the document if necessary for your specific situation or family challenges. Then check every point of the social media contract with your child. Let it put the box aside at the beginning. Have your child signed after you finish and date the contract. Websters Definition of social media: forms of electronic communication, by users… Share information, ideas, personal messages and other content (such as videos). Discuss the following definition with your child before they check the social media contract for the children. Signed: