FORTUNE’S CHILD to be published!

Mark signed a publishing contract in December 2018 with Original Works Publishing for his full-length play FORTUNE’S CHILD. The play appeared at the Baltimore Theatre Project as an Actor’s Equity Membership project in 2015. The play also appeared during the Piccolo Spoleto Festival Stella Di Domani Series in Charleston, South Carolina, at the The Great Plains Theatre Conference and during a Dramatists Guild Footlights Reading Series.

“The play provides a satisfying arc as it tellingly reveals the ties that bind the characters.” – The Baltimore Sun

“The issue of how we live and how we die is not new to literature or drama. It’s not easy to make it sound and feel fresh. Scharf succeeds more often than not. Above all, he avoids turning sentimental or manipulative, and he uses a death in the play — not the death you’re expecting — quite effectively. “ – The Baltimore Sun

Fortune’s Child, is a funny and bittersweet play with a big heart.” – MD Theatre Guide

“FORTUNE’S CHILD examines a small, broken family in the process of coping with terminal illness and squeezing as much good from itself as is possible within its own limitations. It’s a sweet and tender family, full of recognizable foibles and humor. Scharf’s absolutely nailed ‘teenaged girl’, to the point that my companion and I (as parent/handlers of teenaged girls) suspected spying.” –

“Yes, this show made me laugh – a lot! To people who claim it’s not funny to write about the “Big C,” they are obviously letting the dramatic moments overshadow everything else.” – DC METROTHEATRE ARTS

“Witty, thoughtful, sad, and perplexing…” DCMETROTHEATRE ARTS